2018 The Heart of Yoga: Yoga Sutras & Hands-On Adjustments

January 3 – 17, 2018

Open Space Yoga – Diamond Head


Class Times (varies by day):

Weekdays  10:30am – 1:30pm
Saturdays and Sundays – 12:30-4:30pm

Teachers: Mary Bastien & Jennifer Reuter

If you are questioning your own yoga postures, and/or would like to learn and practice how to see, approach and “skillfully” enhance a yoga posture, this module is for you.
Each session of this module begins with 2 hours of exploratory hands on yoga asana and finishes with dynamic lectures and dialogues into the famous yoga sutras text.
The yoga sutras is the heart of yoga and it is a timeless message. By exploring this ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy and psychology we will uncover practical answers to fundamental issues that we face in our lives today.
The Yoga Sutra is a text that illuminates the aspirant on the path of meditation. The sage Patanjali compiled the text on Yoga and it is one of the 6 classical schools of Indian philosophy. This text’s main focus is on realizing the Self (or Purusha) through concentration of the mind and meditation.
Most people today see yoga as an exercise system to stay trim, supple and healthy but Patanjali pays little attention to the physical practice or asanas and instead focuses primarily on meditation.
This Module also includes an in-depth look at the art of “Hands-on Enhancements”.
Whether you are a student or a teacher—Practicing “Hands on Enhancements” will elevate your practice. A “hands-on” should enhance the energetics & alignment of a posture— navigating one to a “feel-good” place. It is not about “fixing” rather it is about enhancing one’s experience.
Each session will involve detailed & guided partner work. As we slow down to reflect on the yoga postures, we will learn that postures feel differently to everyone. We will explore anatomy, alignment and the uniqueness of each body within the traditional yogic postures.

Cost: $600 or $480 for bronze members

Tantra & Meditation

February 8, 9, 10 ,11, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25


Class Times (varies by day):

Wednesday | Thursday | Friday – 5-8:30pm
Saturday – 12:30-5pm
Sunday – 12:30-5pm


Teachers: Mary Bastien & Jennifer Reuter

In this training, we will dive into some of the important philosophical and practical texts on Tantra. We will consider truths of Consciousness and elements of practice that take us into a deeper wisdom of existence.

Cost: $600 or $480 for MembersShiva (consciousness) & Shakti (Creativity)

Kundalini Yoga (esoteric practices on awakening the psychospiritual energy at the base of the spine)

The 2 Main Paths of Tantra: & Tantra as a World View

Tantra as the foundation of Hatha Yoga

Various Key Practices including, Kriya, Bandha, Mudra, Mantra, Nyasa, & Meditation

Yoga Nidra (states of waking, dreaming, sleeping)

Devotional Practices

Cultivating Sadhana (ones home practice)

Prana, Nadis & Chakras

Yamas & Niyamas according to Tantra

Pranayama (science of breath)

Agni Yoga

5 Themes of Teaching Tantra

“Tantra teaches us to identify the various factors that influence our thoughts and feelings and to transcend the obstacles in our evolution arising from ignorance, intolerance, attachment, & selfishness. By refining our thoughts and feelings by means of Tantric practices, we learn to create peace, harmony, and order within ourselves..Tantra helps free the consciousness from limitations.” ~ Harish Johari

Recommended Text:

Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Swami Muktibodhananda

Tantra Illuminated by Christopher Wallis


Our 300/500 hour program is open to all students who wish to deepen their knowledge and practice of Yoga, Tantra & Ayurveda. The teachers presenting bring their own practice as well as knowledge passed down from their main teachers. Open Space Yoga creates an environment where all students are open to learn and grow regardless of their experience in yoga. There are no prerequisites in entering this training unless you are looking to get certified through Yoga Alliance (therefore you need a 200 RYT certification to enter).

Log onto: www.yogaopenspace.com

All Modules are 36 hours and $600

A total of 450 contact hours are required to be certified for a 500 hour teacher and 270 hours for a 300 hour certification. 8 modules need to be completed for the 300 hour certification, 12 modules for the 500 hour certification (which needs to include the first 5 modules from our 200 hour certification) Remaining hours are non-contact hours that consist of observation, assisting, mentorship, homework, etc… This format allows you to go at your own pace and take the modules when they suit your schedule.