Take Care of your Spine

Did you know that your spinal chord is less then 2 feet in length and is the same diameter as your index finger, yet it contains over 10 billion nerve cells?  AND… we have 43 pairs of nerves: 12 pairs go to and from brain, with 31 pairs going from the spinal chord.  The spine is the main highway of communication in the body and you know the old saying…”you are as old as your spine!”  Take care of your spine everyday with “Right L at the Wall”.   This simple yoga pose is guaranteed to create elasticity, length and vitality to this amazing highway of information as well as the surrounding muscular structures that support it.

Find a wall or a counter top.  Place your hands in line with your shoulders and walk your feet back so your heels are under your hips.  Press your thigh bones to your hamstrings as you lower your chest towards the floor.   Do not tuck your tailbone.  As you reach you inner thighs back and apart, tone your lower belly.  Breathe wide and full to the back of your shoulder blades, ribs and waist line.   Enjoy 30 seconds to 1 minute.  Repeat everyday…preferably when you first wake up!