Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
Nelson Mandela

Why go on retreat? My teacher would answer that we are not going on “retreat” we are going on “advance”. It is easy for us to become busy and experience “haziness” in the direction of our life– or “disconnect” to life in general. Retreats advance us because we create the space in which we can reconnect and refocus on what is most important. From “resting” our body/mind we remember what is most essential and what is most life affirming. This puts us at an advantage to re-enter life on a higher platform while advancing the direction of our lives most optimally. With our energy settled, clear and expansive we re-discover life’s meaning and intention.

A “vacation” is not a retreat. A vacation can at times leave us tired and over-spun because we feel a need to experience as much as possible in a short amount of time. Vacation is often spent over-eating and over-indulging. We can also become over-stimulated by all the experiences happening. We often take vacations with friends and family members where there becomes a need to “animate” our personality and do things we might not feel energetically inclined to do. There is nothing wrong with these vacations. They add sweet memories and make our life colorful. However, once a year, a personal retreat can reign us back in towards our center where we can nourish ourselves mentally, physically and energetically.

Sometimes we are afraid to be with just “ourselves”. We are afraid of what we might see. But the truth is what we will see, we will really love and with that love be able to share it again with the people in our lives.