Two Bunch Palms

Reclaim your inner Aloha at Yoga Unplugged – an escape at Two Bunch Palms resort located in the heart of peaceful, healing, Palm Dessert California.

Whether you’re a yoga practitioner or just a modern soul seeker, Yoga Unplugged will spark your senses and allow you to come back to your best self.

Jennifer Reuter and Monica Ross, soul sisters with deep roots in Hawaii, have created a modern and unique program infused with the aloha spirit which will Intoxicate your senses and inspire you to embrace a sense of well being. With sessions in meditation and yoga coupled with the healing benefits of natural mineral lithium rich hot springs and a full service Spa on site, this retreat will satiate, nurture and up level the very core of you.

Refuel your body, mind and spirit with healthy cuisine created specially for our event. Plug into the healing power of nature at Two Bunches Palms and give yourself a necessary reboot. Gain the time and space needed to refresh your outlook, evolve from technology and upgrade your quality of life. Recharge your energy and vigor for life’s challenges and learn now to mitigate stress to inspire growth.

Stress is the No.1 culprit for many diseases..when you take down stress, the body can begin to reset itself and growth is inevitable. Learn skills, poses and practices that will help you regenerate your precious mind, body and soul. Learn how to live mindfully in today’s digital world and benefit from an inner sense of peace with tangible tools you can take away and plug back in to whenever you need them.

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Go to the Water

Dear Ones –
Years ago, when I was going through a really hard time, a friend of mine who was a naturalist gave me some beautiful advice about how to best take care of myself.
He told me, “When an animal in the wild has been injured, it has only two strategies for how to heal itself: It can rest, or it can go to the water. Right now, try to do as much of both as possible.”
And then go to the water.
Drink the water. Submerge yourself in the water. Touch the water. Look at the water.
Then go back to sleep.
Repeat as necessary, until healing occurs.
Sometimes I forget these two magical principals — how to rest, and how to go to the water. Then I get overwhelmed by life’s challenges, and I trick myself into believing that I need a much more complicated cure than your average wounded animal. And sometimes I do need a more complicated cure, I guess.
But not usually.
Usually sleep and water will do the trick.
It always reminds me of that Isak Dinesen quote: “The cure for everything is salt water: tears, sweat, or the sea.”
This morning — after a good night’s sleep — I went to the water. Here’s a photo I took this morning of my feet dipping into my old friend the Atlantic Ocean. She has never let me down yet, and she didn’t let me down this morning, either.
(That said, when the ocean isn’t available, a long hot bath will work. Or a cold shower. Or standing naked under the garden sprinkler, which has been known to change the energy of a day, as well! As a final resort: Just drink 8 ounces of the stuff…whatever it takes! Get to the water, people.)
Just rest, and go to the water.
It’s all gonna be alright.
That’s what the water always tells me, anyhow. And I believe in the water.
–Elizabeth Gilbert

Retreat Itinerary

check in.. and “go to the water!”…
7:30-8:45pm Evening Yoga Practice (Yoga Dome)

9:00-10:15am Meditation Theory & Practice (The Lawn)
10:30-11:45am Yoga (Yoga Dome)
4:15-5:30pm Yoga Nidra & Lunar Flow/Yin (Yoga Dome)

9:00-10:15am Meditation Theory & Practice (The Lawn)
10:30-11:45am Yoga (Yoga Dome)
4:15-5:30pm Yoga Nidra and Lunar flow/Yin (Yoga Dome)

7:00-8:45am Morning Yoga/Meditation Practice (Yoga Dome)